Damas Cook Takeaway for Sale in Old Trafford

The takeaway is on a main road in a very busy area in old Trafford. It is very close to loreto college and there are a lot of houses around the takeaway. Behind the takeway there's a student house which is only 1.5-2mile from the takeaway.

It has glass front door, 3 large glass front window and 2 windows on the side. This is an advantage because customers can see the takeaway from the Conor and from the front. Also advertisements can be advertised from the windows. It's a great place to advertise your deals.

One of the advantages of the takeaway is it has a car park where few cars can park when ordering their food.

Another advantage it has is that it is large from the inside. It's like 2 shops opened together. We have 3 square tables with 4 chairs at the front. The front counter is very wide.

There is also a big kitchen. In the kitchen there's a large cooker, 4 fridge, a big display fridge at the front, oven for nan bread, curry mixer, all sizes pans, a large basement and 2 fridge in the basement, grill, pressure fry chicken, fryer, donner griller , large mixer, pizza dough roller

The takeaway have everything that is needed for a takeaway.

If you are interested the address is: 17 Moss Lane West, Stretford, M15 5PQ

Contact 07877130000

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20/07/2017 Manchester